Sydney to Wollongong 2013

November 11, 2013

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This year’s Gong Ride was a sold out event which equates to 10,000 riders trying to raise $4.5million. At the time of writing¬†¬†, donations have reached the $3.3million mark. Donations are still open so go to if you’re feeling generous. It’s a great and worthwhile cause.

This year I did the ride on a custom built Tanto carbon bike with red and white dots. I’m a pretty heavy bloke (82kg) so I opted for something light to get me over those killer hills near wollongong. I’m happy to have conquered all those climbs without having to walk any of them, even with cramps!

The weather was pleasant – not too hot with some cloud cover for most of the journey except the last 20km where a thumping head wind was my biggest annoyance. Give me a gentle slope any day! Our deserving reward was plenty of beer at the finish – to replenish our carbs. I’m looking forward to next year’s ride already.

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